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Meeting Date: 6/27/2011

Title of Agenda Item: Non-Resident Library Cards.  (R-9) (R-9.1)

Council Goal: Set Course for a Sustainable Fiscal Future
In lieu of Orange County Library support, implement a fee-based library card for all non-residents.

Background: At its June 13, 2011 meeting, the Council requested additional information regarding policies and procedures that would need to be in place to begin charging non-Town Orange County residents for a library card.  

Fiscal Note: Orange County has budgeted $340,000 (+$90,000) for Chapel Hill's library support in  2011-12.  In lieu of county support, we believe a fee-based library card for non-residents could generate $100,000.  The Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation has committed up to $200,000 from the Cornelia Spencer Love Trust principal toward any shortfall in library revenue in 2011-12.

Recommendations: If a fee-based library card system is implemented for all non-residents, that the Town Council adopt policy guidelines identified in the attached resolution.

That the Council authorize the Mayor to create a committee of Council members to work with the Town Manager to review the issues related to a fee-based card system and report to the Council by October.

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Manager's Memorandum
Staff Memorandum
Resolution re Non-Resident Library Cards
Resolution Amending the Fee Schedule
Revenue Projection Chart
Comparison Chart of NC Municipal and Neighboring Libraries
NC School Districts: 2011 Information
Per Capita Library Support