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Meeting Date: 9/19/2011

Title of Agenda Item: Public Hearing: Proposed Rezoning and Neighborhood Conservation District Zoning Atlas Amendments for the Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood.  

Council Goal: Focus on Economic Development, Land Use, and Transportation for a Balanced and Sustainable Future

Background: The attached staff memorandum summarizes recommendations developed by the Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood Conservation District Committee for creating Neighborhood Conservation Districts for the single-family sections of the Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood as well as a rezoning of the underlying zoning district for a portion of the neighborhood.  The memorandum also  reviews procedures, and offers a preliminary recommendation for Council action. The staff believes that creating Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zoning District for the single-family sections of the Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

Fiscal Note: The fiscal impact associated with this request includes staff time for committee and outreach meetings.  Unlike typical rezoning requests, there is no application fee associated with the proposed rezoning of the underlying zoning district or associated with the Neighborhood Conservation District overlay zoning process and there is no revenue to cover expenses related to this project.

Recommendations: That the Council open the public hearing and receive comments.

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Staff Memorandum
Ordinance A
Ordinance B
Ordinance C
Map of Proposed Rezoning for Flemington Road, Hamilton Road and Hayes Road
Map of Proposed Glen Lennox Neighborhood Conseration District Boundary
Map of the Initial Glen Lennox Area Neighborhood Conservation District Boundary
Glen Lennox Neighborhood Conservation District Activity Summary
Illustration of a Chain Link Fence
Public Hearing Notice
Summary of Planning Board Action