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Meeting Date: 11/21/2011

Title of Agenda Item: Regulation of Use of Cell Phones by Operators of Motor Vehicles.  

Background: On September 12, the Town Council directed the preparation of a draft ordinance to regulate use of cell phones by operators of motor vehicles and requested addtional information on the Town's authority to do so.  The Council also asked for information related to the enforcement of such an ordinance.

The Council indicated it would consider this  information and determine whether to schedule a hearing to receive public input on the possible enactment of such an ordinance.

Fiscal Note: No fiscal impact has been identified at this time.  The enactment of any ordinance could have associated enforcement costs, depending on the wording of any ordinance enacted.

Recommendations: That the Council receive this information and consider whether to schedule a public hearing on a draft ordinance to regulate use of cell phones by operators of motor vehicles.

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Draft Cell Phone Ordinance