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Meeting Date: 11/21/2011

Title of Agenda Item: Public Hearing: Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment - Food Trucks.  (O-7)(O-8)(R-7)

Council Goal: Focus on Economic Development, Land Use, and Transportation for a Balanced and Sustainable Future
Promote diversification of the Town's economy and employment opportunities.

Background: In response to a business owner's petition and subsequent community input, a public hearing was held October 17, 2011 to receive draft regulations to allow food trucks and to hear additional public comment.  The hearing was recessed to November 21, 2011.

Fiscal Note: The impact on the Town's revenue stream is unknown, as there is no guarantee that food truck transaction taxes will stream to Chapel Hill.  The cost to the Town will include staff time for administering and enforcing new regulations.  There could be minimal revenue from permitting fees.

Recommendations: That the Council continue the hearing, receive public comment, and provide guidance to staff on the ordinance framework.  We will return with a proposal for cost recovery so that implementing this new program does not jeopardize or lower the quality of existing services.

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Manager's Memorandum
Staff Memorandum
Ordinance A (enacting food truck regulations)
Ordinance B (budget amendment)
Resolution (adopting fee schedule for food truck Zoning Compliance Permits)
Downtown Partnership Letter
Visitors' Bureau Letter
Citizen Letter