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Meeting Date: 11/21/2011

Title of Agenda Item: Petitions from the Public.
  1. Petition from Citizens in the Davie Circle Neighborhood Regarding Zoning, Parking, Traffic, Safety Issues and Over-Occupancy.
  2. Petition from Jim Neal Regarding the Appointment of an Independent Review Commission.

Background: Under the Council's normal procedures, requests will be treated as a petition for action by the Council. The Council hears petitions, either written or oral, at the beginning of each regular meeting. Except in the case of urgency, petitions normally are not acted upon at the time they are presented. After hearing a petition, the Council usually receives and refers the petition to the Town Manager and Town Attorney for review and a follow-up report with recommendations for action.

Fiscal Note: Fiscal impact not determined.

Recommendations: That the Council consider the attached petitions.

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Davie Circle Neighborhood Petition
Jim Neal's Petition Regarding Independent Review Commission