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Meeting Date: 1/23/2012

Title of Agenda Item: Information Report on Landfill Related Items.  

Background: This memorandum provides a summary of the information in the attached reports relative to the status of the Rogers Road Small Area Plan, landfill and solid waste issues resulting from the impending closure of the Rogers Road Landfill, and the financial and legal implications of potential changes moving forward. This information is being provided in part as a primer for the meeting with Orange County officials to discuss solid waste issued scheduled for January 26.

Fiscal Note: A change in land use or current solid waste disposal methods in or around the Rogers Road area will result in future fiscal impacts to the Town.

Recommendations: That the Council receive this report and its attachments in preperation for the January 26, 2012 Joint Meeting on Solid Waste.

Viewing attachments may require Adobe Acrobat.
Manager Cover Memorandum
Status Report on Rogers Road Small Area Plan
Letter dated March 11, 2011 from Chapel Hill Mayor to Carrboro and Orange County
Letter dated March 31, 2011 from Orange County Board of Commissioners Chair
Information about Changes to Annexation Law
N.C. League of Municipalities Memo dated August 4, 2011
Orange County Landfill Financial Analysis
Comparison of Balance Sheet FY1999 and FY2011
Status Report on Future Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Options