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Meeting Date: 2/13/2012

Title of Agenda Item: Consider Proposed Interim Ordinance on Use of Peace and Justice Plaza.  (O-7)

Council Goal: Govern with Quality, Responsiveness, Efficiency

Background: The attached draft ordinance would codify interim regulations for use of Peace and Justice Plaza and a small area in front of the Bank of America building.  The proposed regulations have been developed based on current administrative regulations that exist for Peace and Justice Plaza, but have not been applied in recent weeks. 

Modifications of the administrative regulations are included in the draft ordinance to reflect concerns raised by recent events and guidance provided by recent Court decisions. 

Attached is a report from the Town Attorney and Town Manager providing background and rationale for the recommended interim ordinance and acknowledging the interests in having a more general community conversation on the broader issue of civil disobedience and use of public property for the expression of political views.

Also attached is a memorandum prepared by the Police Legal Advisor providing legal analysis in support of the draft regulations.

Fiscal Note: Fiscal impact not determined.

Recommendations: That the Council make such adjustments as it deems reasonable to this draft ordinance and enact it as an interim measure to supersede the current administrative regulations and other ordinances  applicable to Peace and Justice Plaza and the area near the entrance to the Bank of America building.

Once a plan has been developed for the broader discussion of these issues, this ordinance and related matters can be revisited and a more permanent set of regulations, for these locations and other public property, reflecting the community's interests, can be considered for enactment and codification in the Town Code.

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Peace and Justice Report
Draft Ordinance for Peace and Justice Plaza
Staff Memorandum
Manager's January 23 Memorandum