Town of Chapel Hill North Carolina Executive Summary
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Meeting Date: 3/26/2012

Title of Agenda Item: Update on Chapel Hill 2020.  

Background: The Chapel Hill 2020 planning process is moving into the review and refinement stage. This memorandum is an update on activities and includes a calendar of events leading to Council consideration of adoption of the Plan in June. The memorandum also includes the implementation steps after approval of the Plan, developing a systemic decision-making infrastructure and integration of the Plan’s Vision into all of the Town’s business systems.
The high level of civic engagement in this process, the products of which resonate with our 2011 community survey and our informal inputs, give us confidence that the plan can be ultimately translated from a vision and framework document into the Town’s every-day decisions.

Fiscal Note: No fiscal impact has been identified.

Recommendations: That the Council receive this report.

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