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Meeting Date: 9/19/2012

Title of Agenda Item: Concept Plan: Obey Creek Mixed-Use Development, 1311 US Hwy 15-501 South.  (R-1)

Council Goal: Focus on Economic Development, Land Use, and Transportation for a Balanced and Sustainable Future

Background: The attached staff memorandum includes background information on a Concept Plan proposal for a mixed-use development at 1311 US Hwy 15-501 South. The proposed project is located in the Chapel Hill 2020 Focus Area 6 15-501 South, adopted by the Council on June 25, 2012.

Fiscal Note: Fiscal impact not determined.

Recommendations: That the Council review this Concept Plan submitted, receive comments from the public, and adopt the attached resolution, transmitting comments to the applicant for development of Obey Creek Mixed-Use Development.

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Staff Memorandum
LUMO Concept Plan Review
CDC Minutes: August 15, 2012
Applicant's Materials
Citizen Emails
Area, Aerial, Land use, Development Activity, and 15-501 South Discussion Map