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Meeting Date: 12/3/2012

Title of Agenda Item: Accept the Comprehensive Review of Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Options-FY 2013 Report and Authorize the Manager to Proceed with the Report Recommendations.  (R-4)(O-3)

Council Goal: Maintain and Improve Community Facilities and Services

Background: In March 2012, the Town of Chapel Hill contracted professional engineering services with SCS Engineers for a Comprehensive Review of Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Options to thoroughly examine the Town's current solid waste management programs. SCS Engineers presented their final report and recommendations to Town Council at a Work Session on October 29, 2012. SCS Engineers presented immediate, short-term and long-term solid waste management recommendations at the Work Session.  See:

Fiscal Note: The attached resolution authorizes the Town Manager to proceed with implementation of the recommendations of the Comprehensive Solid Waste Review conducted by SCS Engineers. The attached budget ordinance provides funding for the recommendations made by SCS Engineers concerning the transition to hauling Town waste to the City of Durham Transfer Station beginning in April 2013 in anticipation of the closure of the Orange County Landfill on June 30, 2013. The budget ordinance appropriates $358,600 from General Fund fund balance to pay for personnel and operational costs for the balance of the current fiscal year. In addition, the amendment adjusts the Vehicle Replacement Fund and Vehicle Maintenance Funds for the purchase and upkeep of 4 replacement solid waste vehicles.

Recommendations: That the Town Council:
  • accept the Comprehensive Review of Solid Waste Collections and Disposal Options Report,
  • adopt the attached resolution regarding fiscal year 2012-2013 recommendations proposed by SCS Engineers, and
  • enact the attached budget ordinance amendment for solid waste management services.

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Budget Ordinance Amendment