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Meeting Date: 11/12/2012

Title of Agenda Item: Public Hearing: Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendments - Resource Conservation District Stream Buffer Regulations.  

Council Goal: Focus on Economic Development, Land Use, and Transportation for a Balanced and Sustainable Future

Background: The Resource Conservation overlay zoning district regulations specify an assortment of stream buffer widths (50 feet for intermittent streams and 50 feet to Base Flood Elevation plus three feet for perennial streams) from each side of a stream as well as a mix of standards from the 1984 Development Ordinance, the 1987 Development Ordinance, and the 2003 Land Use Management Ordinance. In order to reduce the complexity and confusion of the Resource Conservation District (RCD) stream buffer regulations, and to enhance the environmental health and protection of all perennial and intermittent streams, staff recommends that the Town's RCD stream buffer regulations be aligned with the Jordan stream buffer regulations.

Fiscal Note: A consistent regulatory framework that is easier to understand and implement provides some cost savings to the Town and to residents.

Recommendations: That the Council open the public hearing to receive comment on the proposed text amendments and continue the public hearing until February 18, 2013.

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Manager's Memorandum
Staff Memorandum
Attachment 1 - Town Manager Email to the Council
Attachment 2 - RCD flowchart
Attachment 3 - Planning Board Recommendations
Attachment 4 - Resolution for Comprehensive Plan Consistency
Attachment 5 - Draft RCD Text Amendments Ordinance
Resource Conservation District Supplemental Information