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Meeting Date: 2/18/2013

Title of Agenda Item: Public Hearing: Draft Greenways Master Plan.  

Background: The recently completed 2020 Comprehensive Plan supports the concept of providing Chapel Hill residents alternative transportation options, including greenway trails and other bicycle and pedestrian facilities. We think that the draft Greenways Master Plan supports those overall goals by offering a clear vision of a trails system that would serve both transportation and recreation purposes.

The draft 2012 Plan is an update of the 2006 Greenways Master Plan that we currently use as a tool to develop the Town's greenways system. The draft 2012 Plan contains much of the same information found in the 2006 Plan. However, there are several areas that have changed significantly. The update contains information related to:
  • New schools, planned Town parks, greenway land acquisitions, and recent and planned private land developments.
  • The 2009 Carolina North Development Agreement.
  • Newly identified trail segments.
  • Relocation of certain trail segments due to changing conditions.
  • Discussion of funding sources including federal, state, local, and private options.
  • Addition of a proposed long-term trail prioritization method.
  • New maps that are based on the adopted 2004 Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan.

Fiscal Note: The recommended expenditure level for implementation of the Greenways Master Plan is about $8,500,000 over a 10 year period. We recommend that the Council adopt the master plan and then authorize the Manager to develop a strategic capital financial plan that would include the following components:
  • An estimation of the level of capital spending that can be supported over the next decade.
  • A prioritization of projects based on affordability and capacity, consistent with Council's program budget priorities.
  • A funding schedule for high priority projects.
  • Findings of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.
  • The long term costs of maintenance and utilities, especially for any new facilities.
The development of a strategic financial plan for park improvements would be an important preliminary step toward the implementation of a parks development plan.

Recommendations: That the Council recess the public hearing until April 22, 2013 after receiving comments.

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Staff Memorandum
Draft Resolution - Adopt the Greenways Master Plan
Planning Board Recommendations
Greenways Commission Recommendations
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board Recommendations
Parks and Recreation Commission Recommendations
Transportation Board Recommendations
Draft Greenways Master Plan -Part 1: Cover and Summary
Draft Greenways Master Plan- Part 2: Planning Process
Draft Greenways Master Plan - Part 3: Current Conditions
Draft Greenways Master Plan - Part 4: Strategic Planning
Draft Greenways Master Plan - Part 5: Prioritization
Draft Greenways Master Plan - Part 6: Implementation
Draft Greenways Master Plan - Part 7: Conclusion
Draft Greenways Master Plan - Part 8: Appendices