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Meeting Date: 4/22/2013

Title of Agenda Item: Response to a Petition Regarding a Proposal for a Veterans Memorial in Chapel Hill.  (R-6)

Council Goal: Maintain and Improve Community Facilities and Services

Background: Several veterans within Chapel Hill have expressed an interest in a Veterans Memorial in the Town of Chapel Hill. A committee was formed of local veteran group representatives and local citizens to consider options, possible locations and funding. After looking into several alternative locations, the committee recommended that the memorial be located within the existing Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery. The Committee approached the Chapel Hill Cemetery Advisory committee on November 10, 2010 to recommend that the memorial be allowed to be placed in the area of the cemetery known as the "brick plaza." The Cemetery Advisory Committee approved this request. For some time, the parks and recreation department has wanted to redesign the "brick plaza" area because of the poor condition of the plaza and its landscaping. The department believes that the proposal for a veteran memorial would allow this area to be redeveloped using public donations and also fulfill a need within the community. Based on this recommendation and the approval of the Cemetery Committee, the veterans memorial committee moved forward with the development of a conceptual plan for the memorial. The parks and recreation department established a project fund from the existing cemetery beautification fund to select and hire a design firm to develop the concept plan with the coordination of a design committee made up of veteran group representatives, representation from the Cemetery advisory committee, representation from the Public Art Commission, department staff and local citizens.

Fiscal Note: $18,000 from the cemetery beautification fund was used to select the design firm and develop the concept plan. It is anticipated that funding for the remainder of the project will be provided through private donations.

Recommendations: The Veterans' Memorial Committee and the Parks and Recreation Department recommend that the Council adopt the attached resolution. The committee also asks that the Council endorse the raising of funds within the community to support the development of the memorial.

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Staff Memorandum
Veterans Memorial Petition
Resolution to Authorize a Veterans Memorial in the Chapel Hill Cemetary
Concept Plan Perspective View Drawing