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Meeting Date: 6/3/2013

Title of Agenda Item: Presentation: FY 2013-2014 Chapel Hill Transit Budget Update.  

Council Goal: Set Course for a Sustainable Fiscal Future

Background: Staff will provide Council with a presentation providing project and financial information relevant to the recommended FY2013-14 transit budget. The Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) Public Transit Committee endorsed the recommended budget during their April 16, 2013 meeting.

The recommended FY2013-14 Transit budget is similar to the adopted FY2012-13 budget in both size and priorities:

  • Maintaining existing services on 32 weekday and weekend routes and EZ Rider demand response (ADA) service for our customers.
  • Managing with reduced State revenues and maximizing the use of outside grants to reduce CHT Partner contributions.
  • Minimizing discretionary spending and dedicating resources to make sure our systems and assets are safe and in good repair.

Recommendations: That the Council accept this presentation and provide feedback.

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