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Meeting Date: 3/19/2014

Title of Agenda Item: Negotiation Phase for the Glen Lennox Development Agreement.  

Council Goal: Focus on Economic Development, Land Use, and Transportation for a Balanced and Sustainable Future

Background: In March 2013, the Council adopted a Development Agreement process consisting of two phases, an exploratory phase and a negotiation phase. The exploratory phase has concluded. On September 9, 2013 the Council authorized the Manager and Attorney to enter into the negotiation phase of the Development Agreement process with Grubb Properties, Inc. to draft the Glen Lennox development agreement for Council's consideration. A preliminary draft of the Glen Lennox Development Agreement, which was developed in co-ordination with the Technical Team, Town staff, and Grubb Properties, is attached. Through a series of preparatory meetings, these three stakeholder groups worked together to identify and incorporate in the draft topics to be negotiated tonight between the Council and Glen Lennox developer.

Fiscal Note: To be determined.

Recommendations: That the Council receive the report and associated materials to inform their discussion and negotiations with the developer.

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Development Agreement Index
Glen Lennox Draft Development Agreement
Exhibit A NCD Area 8C
Exhibit B Existing Conditions
Exhibit C Proposed Concept Master Plan
Exhibit D Neighborhood Conservation Districts
Exhibit E Glen Lennox Proposed Laneage
Exhibit F Street Improvement Plan
Exhibit G Affordable Houisng Plan
Exhibit H Draft DA Permit Application
Exhibit I Design Manual with Applicant Comments
Exhibit J Town's Recommended Multi-Modal Plan
Exhibit K Glen Lennox Bike and Ped Facilities Plan
Exhibit L Glen Lennox Building Envelope Plan
Exhibit M NC 54 Widening
Exhibit N Typical Street Sections Revised