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Town Council Business Meeting
Town Hall Council Chamber
7:00 P.M., APRIL 30, 2012

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Public Forums and Hearings
1.  Public Forum: 2012-2013 Budget. (no attachment) 

PRESENTER: Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Director of Business Management

Petitions from the Public
Petitions will not be acted upon at the time they are presented. It shall take a unanimous vote of the Council members present for a petition to be acted upon immediately upon its presentation. After receiving a petition, the Council shall, by simple motion, dispose of it as follows: consideration at a future regular meeting of the Council; or referral to another board or committee for study and report; or referral to the Town Manager for investigation and report; or receive for information. (Receiving does not imply approval, agreement, or consent.)
2.  Petitions from the Public.

Announcements by Council members
Items of a routine nature will be placed on the Consent Agenda to be voted on in a block. Any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda by request of the Mayor or any Council Member.
3.  Approve all Consent Agenda Items.  (R-1)

4.  Enact Project Ordinance for the 2012-2013 Capital Fund Program for Public Housing Renovations.  (O-1)

5.  Adopt Recommended 2012-2013 Community Development Program.  (R-2)

6.  Adopt Recommended 2012-2013 HOME Program.  (R-3)

7.  Authorize Submittal of the Annual Update to the 2010-2015 Consolidated Plan for Orange County.  (R-4)

8.  Establish Fee for Electronic Sweepstakes Operator Establishments in the Town Code.  (O-2) (O-3)

9.  Enact a Land Use Management Ordinance for Jordan Watershed Riparian Buffer Protection.  (O-4)

10.  Call a Public Hearing on Town Installment Financing for 140 West Parking and Refunding of Certain Existing Debt.  (R-5)

11.  Adopt 2012-13 Council Goals.  (R-6)

12.  Adopt Minutes for the March 21, April 11, April 25, May 23, September 12, September 19 and October 10, 2011 Meetings.  (R-7)

These items are reports or information for the Council.
13.  Response to Petition Concerning Public Art at 140 West Franklin Street, Art Area II.  

14.  Capital Improvement Plan - Project Selection for Two-Thirds Bonds.  

15.  Public Hearing and Annexation: Voluntary Annexation of Chapel Watch Village Apartments.  (O-5)

PRESENTER: J.B. Culpepper, Planning Director

  1. Introduction and recommendation by the Manager
  2. Comments from the public
  3. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council
  4. Motion to adjourn Public Hearing
  5. Motion to enact the attached ordinance to incorporate the Chapel Watch Village Apartment property into the Town of Chapel Hill effective June 30, 2012.   

RECOMMENDATIONS: A.  That the Council open the public hearing to consider the voluntary annexation of the Chapel Watch Village Apartments into the Town of Chapel Hill; and

B.  Following the public comment and consideration, close the hearing and enact the attached annexation ordinance to incorporate the Chapel Watch Village Apartment property into the Town of Chapel Hill effective June 30, 2012.

16.  Proposed Issuance of Two-Thirds Bonds.  (R-8) (R-9)

PRESENTER: Ken Pennoyer, Director of Business Management

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council take the following actions concerning the issuance of two-thirds general obligation bonds.
  1. Formally introduce the Bond Orders describing the use of the bonds by a motion “to introduce the Bond Orders for up to $1,000,000 in bonds for streets and bridges, and for up to $700,000 in bonds for parks and recreation facilities, in the form presented.”
  2. Adopt the resolution setting the public hearing for May 14, 2012, authorizing the filing of a sworn statement of debt and directing the Town Clerk to publish notice of the public hearings no less than 6 days prior to the hearing date.
  3. Adopt the resolution approving the Official Statement for the bond sale. A draft Official Statement, in substantially the same form as that which will be used for the sale, is available in the Town Clerk’s Office and is available on the Town’s web-site and can be accessed with the following link

17.  Schedule a Public Hearing to Consider Changes to Taxi Regulations in Chapel Hill.  (R-10)

PRESENTER: Chris Blue, Police Chief

  1. Comments from the public
  2. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council.
  3. Motion to adopt resolution setting a public hearing for June 18, 2012.

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council consider holding a public hearing to receive comments on proposed amendments to the current taxi ordinance. If a hearing is scheduled, a draft ordinance will be prepared and presented at the hearing.

18.  Approval of Report on Voter Owned Election Program for Submittal to General Assembly.  (R-11)

PRESENTER: Ralph D. Karpinos, Town Attorney

  1. That the Council decide whether to include in the report and resolution the request and recommendation for extension of the Town's authority to provide public campaign financing.
  2. That the Council then adopt a resolution authorizing the submittal of the report as required by Session Law 2007-222.
The resolution and report as drafted include a recommendation that the Session Law's authorization of the Town's program be reapproved by the General Assembly. If the Council acts this evening, the report and resolution can be mailed to the designated offices at the General Assembly this week and provided to the local legislative delegation on Wednesday, May 2 at the Council's scheduled meeting with the delegation.

Reserved for Discussion of Consent Agenda Items if Necessary
Minutes have not been generated.