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Town Council Public Hearing
Town Hall Council Chamber
7:00 P.M., APRIL 15, 2013

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Agenda Items
1.  Continue Public Hearing: Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendments - Northside and Pine Knolls Neighborhood Conservation Districts.  (R-1)

  1. Motion to adopt a resolution to recess the Public Hearing to May 20, 2013.

2.  Consider a Proposed Resolution and Ordinance Amendment to Modify Certain Stormwater Management Requirements for Existing Single- and Two-Family Dwelling Units.  (R-2) (O-1) (R-3)

PRESENTER: Jay Gibson, Town Engineer

  1. Introduction and recommendations by the Manager
  2. Comments from the public
  3. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council
  4. Motion to adjourn the public hearing
  5. Motion to adopt Resolution A finding the proposed ordinance to be reasonable and consistent with the Town Comprehensive Plan
  6. Motion to enact the ordinance repealing Section 5 from (2012-12-03/O-4)
  7. Or motion to adopt Resolution B recessing the Public Hearing to May 13, 2013, and Referring comments to Manager and Attorney.

3.  Public Hearing: Application for Special Use Permit - The Orange County ABC Store at Chapel Hill North, 251 Perkins Drive.  

PRESENTER: Kay Pearlstein, Senior Planner

Swearing of all persons wishing to present evidence
  1. Without objection, the Manager's preliminary report and any other materials submitted at the hearing for consideration by the Council will be entered into the record
  2. Introduction and preliminary recommendation by the Manager
  3. Presentation of evidence by the applicant
  4. Recommendation of Planning Board
  5. Recommendations of other boards and commissions
  6. Presentation of evidence by the public
  7. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council
  8. Applicant's statement regarding proposed conditions
  9. Motion to recess Public Hearing to May 29, 2013
  10. Referral to Manager and Attorney.