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Town Council Business Meeting
Southern Human Services Center
2501 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
7:00 P.M., JANUARY 13, 2014

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1.  Approve Agenda. (no attachment)  

Petitions from the Public
Petitions will not be acted upon at the time they are presented. It shall take a unanimous vote of the Council members present for a petition to be acted upon immediately upon its presentation. After receiving a petition, the Council shall, by simple motion, dispose of it as follows: consideration at a future regular meeting of the Council; or referral to another board or committee for study and report; or referral to the Town Manager for investigation and report; or receive for information. (Receiving does not imply approval, agreement, or consent.)
2.  Petitions from the Public.
  1. Robert Strauss Regarding a Strip of Land Which Runs Through Obey Creek. (no attachment)

Announcements by Council members
Items of a routine nature will be placed on the Consent Agenda to be voted on in a block. Any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda by request of the Mayor or any Council Member.
3.  Approve all Consent Agenda Items.  (R-1)

4.  Approve Reimbursement Resolution for Proposed Financing of Town Hall Renovation and Fordham - Ephesus Improvement Projects.  (R-2)

5.  Approve Utility Easement for Public Service North Carolina (PSNC) Energy, Inc.  (R-3)

6.  Adopt Minutes for the September 9 and September 16, 2013 Meetings.  (R-4)

These items are reports or information for the Council.
7.  2014-2015 Human Services Needs Report.  

8.  Consider Proceeding to Negotiation Phase of Development Agreement Process for Obey Creek.  (R-5) (O-1)

PRESENTER: Jason Damweber, Assistant to the Town Manager

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council authorize the Manager and Attorney to enter into the negotiation phase of the established Development Agreement Process with Obey Creek Ventures LLC for the potential development of the Obey Creek site located across 15-501 from Southern Village.

9.  Discussion and Consideration of Code Revisions Regarding Firearm Regulations.  (O-2)

PRESENTER: Tiffanie Sneed, Senior Legal Advisor

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council adopt the proposed Code revisions.

10.  Continue the Public Hearing to Amend the Boundary of the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  (R-6)

PRESENTER: Judy Johnson, Senior Planner

RECOMMENDATIONS: That the Council adopt the resolution to continue the public hearing on the proposed boundary amendment to February 10, 2014.

11.  Consider Encroachment Agreements on Town Properties to Facilitate Potential "Sidewalk- type" Dining.  (R-7) (O-3)

PRESENTER: Matt Sullivan, Interim Executive Director for Planning and Sustainability

  • That Council enact the attached Ordinance which will revise sections 3-2 and 3-3 of the Town Code. The resulting revisions will allow alcohol to be served, consumed and possessed on certain Town properties subject to encroachment agreements.
  • That Council adopt the resolution authorizing the Town Manager to negotiate and execute encroachment agreements on Town owned property to allow for sidewalk-type dining when there are no traditional sidewalks.

12.  Appointment to the Council Committee on Sustainability, Energy and Environment, and Council Committee on Economic Development.   (R-8)

13.  Appointments to Human Services Advisory Board.  

14.  Appointments to the Justice in Action Committee.  

15.  Appointment to Stormwater Management Utility Advisory Board.  

16.  Appointments to Transportation Board.  

Reserved for Discussion of Consent Agenda Items if Necessary
Minutes have not been generated.